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2017 Gold Metal Award:

2017 Beneath the Sea Second Place Overall:

Pura Vida Divers
Blog on Blackwater Diving 2017

May 2017

Winner 1st Place: Ocean Geographic's Photojournalist of the Year

Honorable Mention: Ocean Geographic's Small Exotic Animal, The Neville Coleman Award for Outstanding Achievement

Honorable Mention: Ocean Geographic's Portrait,
David Doubilet Award for Outstanding Achievement;

Aprill 21, 2017
 3rd Place Deep Visions (2016) Macro ScubaShooters Underwater Photo Contest

2015 Published: Scubashooters.Net

       May issue

2015 Semi Finalist Nature's Best Ocean Views (Flying Dragon) Congratulations! You have been selected as a semi-finalist in the 2015 Nature's Best Ocean Views Photo Competition!

2016 National Geographic Photographer of the Year : Tripodfish

2015 Nominated: Nature's Best : Dancing Flamboyant Cuttlefish

2015 Nominated Final Round Ocean Views Contest; The Never Ending Story

2015 Indoctrinated into the Ocean Artists Society

2015 Beneath the Sea, Winner 1st Place Behavior
2015 International Color Awards, Nominee Abstract: Spinning Reef 
2015 International Color Awards, Nominee Nature: Sunkissed Anemone
2015 Beneath the Bridge, Under the Sea, featured in Video by Rick Morris on the Blue Heron Bridge 
2015 Published:Beneath the Sea Program Book, March 27-29
2015 Published: Scuba Diver Ocean Planet, Special Adex Singapore Film Festival Edition Issue 2
2015 Published in Underwater Photography Guide: Article:

2014 Published: Mergulho Magazine, Brasil Ano XV - No 221 pagina 54

2013 New Release: Paul Humann and Deloach's  third edition of Reef Creature Identification—Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas.

2013 Huia Publishers on behalf of the Ministry of Education, New Zealand

2013 Bronze Medal: Nudibranchia

Jul 2012  Published: Palm Beach Post: Phil Foster Park Snorkel Trail

Jul 2012 2nd Place

Monthly Contest

Jul 2012 Published in Sun-Sentinel: Phil Foster Park Snorkel Trail Approved 

  2012 Silver Medal:

 Oct 2010 Published Underwater Photo Journal : Blue Heron Bridge

 2009 Published "Under the Bridge,"  a 250 photo documentary of the Blue Heron Bridge