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April 2020 Scuba Diving Magazine (USA) Award: Sea Hero
Dive Photo Guide: Backscatter Mini Flash article

January 2020 Honorable Mention Ocean Art Contest BlackWater Category

Nov 2019 Scuba Diving Magazine: No Place Like Home, Article & images on the Pride of the Blue Heron Bridge

Sept 2019: Fall issue Guy Harvey Magazine, Portfolio & article on The World of Black Water, and Also Alone in the Dark.

August 2019 Anima Mundi, Diving in the Dark

July 2019 DRT Show Photo Contest top 100- TOp 10 Finalist

June 2019 Scuba Diving Magazine, Korea, Portfolio

May 2019 Portfolio

May 2019 Birdshead Seascape: 

April 2019 UW Photo Challenge Asia:
2nd Place Black Water:

April 11, 2019 The Blue Heron Bridge finally made a No-Take Zone after 10 years of concentrated effort, and recognition by Direction Eric Call to Suzan Meldonian for her Book Under the Bridge, and all the others who contributed to this heartfelt endeavor -watch the news video:

April 2019 Top 10 UW Asia Photo Challenge : Bronze winner in over/undershots:

Viewbug TopShot Feb 2019

Viewbug Won Featured January, 2019

National Geographic

Cover of ScubaShooters Magazine

November 2018 Won Community Choice Award

Sept 2018 Viewbug Won Contest Finalist in World Photography Day Photo Contest 2018

June 2018 Viewbug Won Finalist in the Wildlife and Water Photo Contest:

Aug-Sept 2018 :DreamTour Philippines includes Anilao, Puerto Galera, Dauin and Romblon. An underwater expedition

Finalist Viewbug

May 16, 2018 Underwater Dive Photo Guide:

April 2018  Contest Judge: Neville Coleman Nudibranch Event, Australia.

USA Today: Best Underwater Photos take in the World :

ABC News:

National Geographic Photographer of the Year

Ocean Geographics: Cuba, Exploring our Oceans

2nd Place Overall: Beneath the Sea 2018 Photo contest

ScubaShooters Feb 2018 Issue 36
Article on Alligator diving in Florida pg 110   see page 18

2nd Place Think Pink Competition, benefitting Breast Cancer Awareness

Smithsonian, World Finalist

Smithsonian, Photo of  the Day: Feb 20, 2018

Dive Photo Guide: Jan 2018
Photographing Alligators Underwater in Florida

HEINZ Press: November 2017 Edition
Black Water Diving Imagery

Ocean Geographic Picture of the Year: Winner Photojournalist of the Year;

October 2017 Underwater Photoraphy Workshop Dabirahe, Lembeh Indonesia

 August 2017 2nd Place: Underwater Dive Photo Guide: Think Pink contest.

August 2017 DRT Top 100 Images of year:;xnaehBwdoyJI3KfbpitrUuznX~_wl54h23bhOunl06c2bfe~_jmvG4earNjU9s~;Yt7~_4eyv~_fm59aH2cYiiO2g~;2H~;QT8f5gP55PwDPK~_~_v~;djzFd8~_ORwvtjizSAe3fok3lLsz31bgP9cvOVf7FY3Fuyjbx~;w9~;iUwDzGc7CPc36Dj4s32j~_~_zzAvgvoivlo8xrzl5v3hBV~;x9EB~;8mFT0NuJf~;XxefrjfZI~;6e0fh~;WO~_mJ8EAvfH7x~;~_i1~_aeI~;y7cf4tPVf5T1Ab45zxX7B~_sV~_grxDfQT9gvcW3AfTbwnnvDtp~_QvMc85L6Bn833iXoT3ori3vngDehb1jMZ~_evHk6h~_H~_rfMl5dR3lNDb96X4l6Jv7W~_~;kG~_w1ffmuH7wb1dfOV7v3HYPxavB~;Hm7DzyX2f5ev4Ixz0Qb~_XWq7Me~;Yv9y3LzRX7O6i9JP~;TiL~_pXvfO7n5~;XL~_OcLw4~;kQ9bvpx~_DIU~;Vcnn3k~_YMMb~_Rj8k~_tXtl7P9TFgPvwb9GvCT~_NMH89kv8N94PT7xHzj1SejP~;yqyEPM~_EvdSN06D35lv~_CHoh~_r971ST~_Z0vvL~_s1cvs8afgn~;9JgH~;6LwJ4qUevv6Ppt4D~;~;MWCfYf8quJ9~;gEGzkec.bps.a.338772689901854.1073741833.282044402241350/338776746568115/?type=3&theater

July 2017 Photographer of the Week UW360 Asia

June 2017 Black Water Diving Blog on Pura Vida's site

May 2017:
Winner Ocean Geographic's Photojournalist of the Year

Honorable Mention: Ocean Geographic's Small Exotic Animal, The Neville Coleman Award for Outstanding Achievement

Honorable Mention: Ocean Geographic's Portrait,
David Doubilet Award for Outstanding Achievement;

April 21, 2017 Announced 3rd Place Deep Visions (2016) Macro ScubaShooters Underwater Photo Contest

March 2017  Contest Judge: Neville Coleman Nudibranch Event, Australia.

February 2017 EZ DIVE Magazine issue 64, pg 38 July 1st place winner UWMP, Cyclopsetta fimbriata

January 2017 Judge for the Neville Coleman Memorial Nudibranch Dive Photo Contest, Australia


Anima Mundi Magazine, Italy
Asian Diver

Beneath the Sea

Dangerous Marine Animals, Bergbauer, Myers, Kirschner

Deep Visions

Department of Interior, National Parks & Recreation

Department of Tourism, East Flores, Indonesia

Department of Tourism, Maumere, Indonesia

Dept of Tourism, Indonesia

Dive Photo Guide

DRT Dive Expo, Philippines

EZ DIVE Magazine, Asia

Mergulho, Brazil 

Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department

National Geographic Your Shot Pick of the Week

National Geographic Bio Blitz Biscayne Bay2010

Ocean Geographic 2017

Pacific Diver

Palm Beach Post 

Pura Vida Dive Blog

Reef Creature Identification Book, Humann/DeLoach

Reef Fish Identification Book Florida Caribbean Bahamas, Humann/DeLoach

Scuba Diver Ocean Planet

Scuba Diving

ScubaShooters online Magazine 

Scuba Times

Shark Projekt, Switzerland

 Smithsonian Picture of the week

Smithsonian Marine Research, Panama

Sport Diver

Sun Sentinel

The BHB Companion, Meldonian

Under the Bridge, Meldonian

Underwater Journal 

Underwater Macro Photographer

Underwater Magazine

Underwater USA

UW360 Asia


Previous Years

Suzan Meldonian is part of an underwater photographic team expedition of the untouched reefs of Flores Sea. Images are published in Explore Flores Timur Underwater is published by Indonesian Dept. of Tourism and Wet Traveler.

Suzan Meldonian is part of this underwater photographic expedition to capture Maumere Underwater, for the Festival Teluk Maumere 2016, Indonesia, sponsored by the Indonesian Dept. of Tourism  published by Scuba Diver Ocean Planet.

National Geographic

Presentation @ Force E Riviera Beach, FL 
October 19 6:30-8PM "Alien Nation"
Oct. 25 6:30-8:00 PM  "Monster Mash"

National Geographic Your Shot Daily Dozen top picks

September 2016:
Gallery Exhibition at the Broward County Library: "Colors of the Sea" with the South Florida Underwater Photography Society

UWMP Issue 29: 1st Place on Black Background contest, portfolio and an article on Black Water Diving

Pages 70-71 and 56-57

High Quality / Resolution PDF for Computer/Notebook (33mb)

 High Quality / Resolution ZIP for Computer/Notebook (31mb)

 Good Resolution for iPad/iPhone (5mb)

DRT Dive Resort & Travel,
Manilla, Philippines Top 100 images.

July 2016 Scuba Shooters: Article
July 2016 Spotlight on Suzan Meldonian,

May 2016 UW Photo Contest Judge, South Africa

April 2016 Scuba Shooters: Contributing editor: Article: Gem of the Sea

April 3, 2016:  Beneath the Sea: Guest Speaker Discovering Aliens of the Deep: About Black Water Diving

2016 March ScubaShooters 

Top 10 Finalist in Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest:

Featured on Pura Vida's BlackWater Dive page:

Sept 2015 : Contributing editor:
Featured story in Scubashooters.Net
"Aliens of the Deep"

In top 100 Nature Conservancy:

August 2015 3rd Place Underwater Macro Photographer

Aug 2015 Contributor to the DRT Philippines Dive Expo, Manila, Philippines

July 2015 Award Winner, Shown at the Louvre, Paris,

Underwater Photography Guide
Contributing Editor: Blue Heron Bridge

July 2015 ScubaShooters, Contributing Editor: They Walk They See The Magazine:

Jun 2015 ScubaShooters Magazine Contributing Editor: 

Smithsonian Tropical Institute:

May 2015  Suzan Meldonian is accepted into the Ocean Artists Society

May 2015 Published in Scuba Shooters online Magazine:

April 13-20th Anilao Photo Hotel, underwater Photo workshop for beginners -best place on the planet to get your camera under control.

ADEX APRIL 10-12, 2015  Join us in Singapore for the world's largest Asian Dive Expo ADEX

Suzan Meldonian is greatly honored to be invited as a guest speaker and photo contest judge.   

March : article published in Underwater Photography Guide. com on the Blue Heron Bridge:

March  2015 : First Place at Beneath the Sea  Macro Behavior

ebruary 2015 : Runner Up international underwater Photo contest, Underwater Macro Swimming

January 14, 2015: Nova Southeastern University in the Guy Harvey wing

The Oceanographic Center houses the world-class Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Ecosystems Research as well as several other research institutes; the National Coral Reef Institute for research and training on coral reef assessment, monitoring, and restoration; the Guy Harvey Research Institute for fish research and conservation, and the Save Our Seas Shark Center specializing in shark studies. The Oceanographic Center also conducts the Broward County Sea Turtle Program.

2015 Suzan has joined Thumbtack

The 2015 Blue Heron Bridge Calendar  with Tide Charts is available online

Janary 2015 Published in WetPixel

Dec 10, 2014 Boca Raton Award

ADEX APRIL 10-12, 2015
  Join us 
in Singapore for the world's largest Asian Dive Expo

Suzan Meldonian is greatly honored to be invited as a guest speaker and photo contest judge.

Anilao April 13-20, 2015  Join us 
for an underwater Photo Workshop at the Anilao Photo Hotel.
Contact us if interested.

Published in 
Sport Diver Magazine:

Dangerous Marine Animals by Rob Myers

Under the Bridge   by Suzan Meldonian

The BHB Companion by Suzan Meldonian





2012 Sport Diver Magazine October-November Issue and Online Gallery

2014 Nominated in to the Ocean Artists Society

2013 Bronze Medalist; Nudibranchia
 2012 Silver Medal:

2012 Sport Diver Magazine

2012 Nominated One of Top 50 Underwater Macro Photographers

Edition Fifty Fathoms :


2011 Silver Medal Award Underwater Macro not Swimming

2011 Runner up Award Underwater  In Macro Close Up

Press Release Suzan Meldonian

Suzan Meldonian achieved a high level of success in photo contest 2011.

medalThis photography contest is the longest running and one of the most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it. Many other internationally acclaimed photographers have launched their photo careers here over the years.

Every January a panel of judges select the best images entered in our online photo contest from the previous year. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded for the top three from each category in order of merit.

The judges comprise of industry professionals (and last year’s World Champ). They are unpaid, non-affiliated, and (of course) cannot enter themselves.

One of our medals is the reward for all the hard work Suzan Meldonian put in chasing those great shots in far-flung destinations. It's the most coveted prize because it says you succeeded in the most competitive environment there is, against the top talent of the moment. Suzan Meldonian was up against 11134 entries to get placed this year.