Awards, Events & Publications

July 2024 Annual Photo Contest judge, Scuba Diving Magazine.

May 2024 Memorial Maria Luisa -Honorable Mention, Bouganvillia jellyfish, Mundo sumergido

April 1-15, 2024 Anilao, Semi-Annual Underwater Photo workshop with Marine Pixels @ Saltitude and Ivan's Dive Tour.

Découvrir la vie sous-marine, book, Blackwater images

by Steven WEINBERG avec Mélodie CAUSSAT & Julie MELLINGER  - see pages 92-93 on Blackwater sujets.

March 2024 CUPOTY: Water Shortlist March

March 2024 Memorial Maria Luisa Mencion de Honor Submerged World, Bouganvillia jellyfish

August 2023 contributed images of Nausithoe maculata to a scientific paper titled “A morphological review of the jellyfish genus Nausithoe Kölliker, 1853
(Nausithoideae, Coronatae, Scyphozoa, Cnidaria).” by Clarissa Molinari, ALlen Collins and Andre C. Morandini.
August 2023 National Geographic, China, Fish that Fly.

July 2023 issue Scuba Diving Magazine Blue Heron Bridge images 

June 2023 Art of Nature Finalist: Big Picture Competition  

June 2023 Judge for Scuba Diving Magazine's Through the Lens Photo Competition 

June 2023 Second Edition of the BHB Companion Book is now available-click here to purchase.

June 2023 Ocean Geographic, Honorable Mention in Black & Blue Water category; Pictures & Music and Finalist in David Doubilet Portfolio Categories 

Dec 2022-Jan 2023 Nature TTL An Introduction to Blackwater Photography 

July 2022 Issue Scuba Diving Magazine: Your Guide to Blackwater Photos

June 2022 Issue Scuba Diving Magazine: Florida Diving Seasons Article. 

June 2022 Ocean Geographic 1st Place Runner Up 

BLACK & BLUE WATER: The Dr William Hamner Award of Excellence

May 4/5, 2022 Guest Speaker ADEX Pixel Webinar Series, Singapore: 

May 14-May 25, 2022 Anilao Photo Academy UW photo workshop, blackwater and macro. 

March 2022 Memorial Maria Luisa International Photo Contest: 1st Place Submerged World and Honorable Mention Macro World

Dec 2021 Tokyo International Foto Awards : Gold Award Nature Series: The Search for Aliens Underwater 

Aug 2021 Scuba Diving Magazine "Thru the Lens" competition" Honorable Mention  Sea Angel Spawning

August 2021  Dive Log Australia, issue 389 article; The Art of Black Water Diving 

April 2021 Scuba Diving Magazine, Goliath on the Wreck of the Caribbean

2020 Ocean Geographic Picture of the Year, Runner up Pictures and Music 

June 2020 Dive Photo Guide Photographing Blue Whales  

May 15, 2020 ADEX Speaker (Panelist) on Black Water

April 2020 Scuba Diving Magazine (USA) Award: Sea Hero

Dive Photo Guide: Backscatter Mini Flash article

January 2020 Honorable Mention Ocean Art Contest BlackWater Category

Nov 2019 Scuba Diving Magazine: No Place Like Home, Article & images on the Pride of the Blue Heron Bridge

Sept 2019: Fall issue Guy Harvey Magazine, Portfolio & article on The World of Black Water, and Also Alone in the Dark.

August 2019 Anima Mundi, Diving in the Dark

July 2019 DRT Show Photo Contest top 100- Top 10 Finalist  Image

June 2019 Scuba Diving Magazine, Korea, Portfolio

May 2019 Portfolio

May 2019 Birdshead Seascape: 

April 2019 UW Photo Challenge Asia:
2nd Place Black Water:

April 11, 2019 The Blue Heron Bridge finally made a No-Take Zone recognition by Direction Eric Call to Suzan Meldonian for her Book Under the Bridge

April 2019 Top 10 UW Asia Photo Challenge : Bronze winner in over/undershots:

Viewbug TopShot Feb 2019

Viewbug Won Featured January, 2019

National Geographic

Cover of ScubaShooters Magazine

November 2018 Won Community Choice Award

Sept 2018 Viewbug Won Contest Finalist in World Photography Day Photo Contest 2018

June 2018 Viewbug Won Finalist in the Wildlife and Water Photo Contest:

Finalist Viewbug

May 16, 2018 Underwater Dive Photo Guide:

April 2018  Contest Judge: Neville Coleman Nudibranch Event, Australia.

USA Today: Best Underwater Photos take in the World :

ABC News:

National Geographic Photographer of the Year

2nd Place Overall: Beneath the Sea 2018 Photo contest

ScubaShooters Feb 2018 Issue 36
Article on Alligator diving in Florida pg 110

Smithsonian, World Finalist

Smithsonian, Photo of  the Day: Feb 20, 2018

Dive Photo Guide: Jan 2018
Photographing Alligators Underwater in Florida

HEINZ Press: November 2017 Edition
Black Water Diving Imagery

2017-2018 Ocean Geographic Picture of the Year: Winner Photojournalist of the Year;

October 2017 Underwater Photoraphy Workshop Dabirahe, Lembeh Indonesia

 August 2017 2nd Place: Underwater Dive Photo Guide: Think Pink contest.

August 2017 DRT Top 100 Images of year:

July 2017 Photographer of the Week UW360 Asia

May 2017:
Winner Ocean Geographic's Photojournalist of the Year
 Honorable Mention: Small Exotic Animal, The Neville Coleman Award for Outstanding Achievement
Honorable Mention: OG's Portrait,
David Doubilet Award for Outstanding Achievement;

April 21, 2017 Announced 3rd Place Deep Visions (2016) Macro ScubaShooters Underwater Photo Contest

March 2017  Contest Judge: Neville Coleman Nudibranch Event, Australia.

February 2017 EZ DIVE Magazine issue 64, pg 38 July 1st place winner UWMP, Cyclopsetta fimbriata

January 2017 Judge for the Neville Coleman Memorial Nudibranch Dive Photo Contest, Australia

2-24-2016 Photo of the Day and Smithsonian Finalist