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Pelagic Nudibranch, Cephalophyge trematoides 6-27-17-6448.jpg

Pelagic Nudibranch Cephalophyge trematoides is a mid-water pelagic nudibranch,  Black Water Diving; Gulfstream Current; Jellyfish; Plankton; SE Florida Atlantic Ocean; larval fish; pelagic creatures; pelagic larval marine life, ID Rebecca Helm, Cephalophyge sp., which prey on siphonophores by attaching and eating the tentacles. The book "Pelagic Snails" by Lilli and Gilmer has a great section on these guys. MBARI also has a great video, with details on their feeding habits in the description section. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RFd5PNSZp8