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Jawfish, Stalix Jawfish 4-29-12-812_the Pier.jpg

unknown Jawfish;Here's a quote from Dr. Smith-Vaniz..<br />
"Your jawfish is a species of the genus Stalix. I revised the genus in 1989 when I described four new species of the then 12 total known species. Since then about six more undescribed species have been collected and I am in the process of writing another paper treating all of them. I have seen a few other photographs of the Lembeh Straits Stalix, which is probably most closely related to S. histrio (described from Japan). So far I have only seen photographs of this fish and no specimens have been collected to allow a detailed comparison.<br />
<br />
William F. Smith-Vaniz, Ph.D.<br />
Research Associate<br />
Florida Museum of Natural History<br />
University of Florida" <br /> -But this was photographed at the Pier in Anilao on 4-29-12- butr supposedly comes from Lembeh.