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Phyllliroe, Pelagic nudibranch 5-9-17-5540crp.jpg

Pelagic Nudibranch swimming, Phylliroe bucephala, The white zigzag lines in Phylliroe’s otherwise clear body are digestive glands, helping it liquify prey, ref Deep Sea News. Phylliroe glows. It is one of the few nudibranchs known to produce its own light, and apparently this light is exceptionally bright and beautiful, though few have seen it. The ancestors of Phylliroe not only evolved to look and swim like fish, they also developed the ability to bioluminesce, something very few other sea slugs can do. Larval pelagic marine creatures, plankton creatures, balck water diving, Gulf Stream Current,  SE Florida Atlantic Ocean off Singer Island 5 miles due south.Ref: