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Suzan Meldonian is an award winning international Underwater Photographer located in SE Florida. She is the Author of Under the Bridge and The BHB Companion, using her ocean imagery to inspire people around the world to develop a global awareness of our need to preserve our natural world.

As a photojournalist, Suzan's focus is to capture a moment, a behavior, a look, a mood, and inspire a feeling or raise an emotional response. While she has photographed everything from cowboys to interiors, her passion is the ocean. Suzan's mission is to motivate global change to our approach of our oceans and habits by capturing inspirational images to bring about what she refers to as Evolutionary Education.  Knowledge is power.

Suzan was proudly indoctrinated into the Ocean Artists Society in 2014  which uses ocean art to inspire people around the world to a greater awareness of our need to protect and preserve our natural world. It is a great cause with a very important message. Please check out their free e-zine and quarterly films.

Ocean Artists Society

By introducing children and families to the unimaginable and never-before-seen incredible creatures that exist beneath the horizon, she inspires that visual experience that spurns on curiosity and cultivates that desire to learn and develop. Inspiration plants the seeds of discovery, especially within the fields of the health of our planet. Intelligent survival of all life on our planet begins with the oceans and conservation education. Via her presentations, photos, articles and published books, she strives to invoke a renewed global intellect and awareness. She is driven to unify barriers of underwater discovery through photography joining citizens, scientists and photographers to work together to bridge the gaps and unilaterally evolve the understanding of our world underwater and the inter-relational process with the topside process of life to protect our natural resources. 

     I am grateful for every opportunity that I am offered to explore and document the beauty of a people, our world and all the creatures in between.

‚Äč   Available for local and foreign shoots, working with the Travel Industry and Departments of Tourism worldwide. Also available for presentations. 

   Adding to her credits, in 2017 she won 1st place in the coveted Ocean Geographic's Photojournalist Award, in addition to receiving honorable mention in Portraits, and Small Exotics.  She has been a Photo contest judge for Shark Shutter, Neville Coleman Foundation in Adelaide, Australia. She has been an invited speaker at ADEX in Singapore, 2015 and the DRT Dive Resort Travel Show in 2018.

You may view her Photojournalist imagery at: 


uzan has joined the Underwater Photographers Hall of Fame

She is a contributor to the Florida Museum of Natural History, and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Suzan continues to be on the Board of Directors as President of the South Florida Underwater Photography Society. 

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